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very Happy with the Service.

This power meter is not work on Pakistan voltage system not ShopUS fault its my own lack of research, don't buy power meters which are made for USA voltage system, UK ones work great in Pakistan.

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One of the Fastest CPU on market right now run around 4.5 GH all time use very low power, it's TDP is 65 watts but consumes much less most of the time not get hot at all great for content creation and gaming, using it for over 10 months now still as fast as on first day, Great job by ShopUS on shipping.

Good wireless USB keypad, Great job by ShopUS on shipping.

Great looking watch working good after 10 months usage so far, this watch is much expensive if you bought in Pakistan, Great job by ShopUS on shipping.

Great quality Ethernet cable, small size is really helpful to move it to other rooms or pass through windows/doors, Great job by ShopUS on shipping.

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