1. We ship all customer orders by DHL, FedEx or UPS
Therefore we do not ship any commodity prohibited by DHL, FedEx or UPS(Click for more details)

2. We do not ship:-

  • Chemicals or liquids (including perfumes)
  • Weapons and their Accessories (of any kind)
  • Compressed gass cylinders, cartridges, etc
  • Seperate batteries (including laptop / phone batteries)
  • Live plants, their parts, seeds or animals
  • Eatables, in raw or processed form

  • 4. All orders that include:-

  • Mobile Phone or a device that uses SIM,
  • Wireless communication equipment,
  • Medicines, Drugs, or supplements,
  • will be subject to custom duties and sales tax when they reach customer
    For more information on custom duties visit Pakistan Customs Tariff page

    5. For orders that contain following:-

  • Mobile Phone or device that uses SIM
  • Wireless Module, Wireless Radio Sets, Vehicle Security Devices
  • RFID Equipment, VoIP Terminal Equipment, Fixed Wireless Terminal Equipment
  • Broadband Terminal Equipment, PABX/IP-PBX

  • NOC from PTA will be required when the product reaches Pakistan Customs. Please click here for procedure to get NOC from PTA
    Once the NOC from PTA is received by customer it should be handed over to DHL for completion of custom clearance process.

    6. For Drugs, Medicines, Supplements and Medical Apparatus NOC from Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) may be required for custom clearance.

    7. All Amazon products on our website are displayed using Amazon Associates API. None of these products are in stock with ShopUS.pk.

    8. Prices shown for Amazon products are calculated and converted to Pakistani Rupee using algorithm
    These prices may sometimes be incorrect (in such case customer will be notified accordingly)

    9. Our 10-15 working days guaranteed delivery time starts when your product reaches our warehouse in USA.
    It does not include the time it takes for your product's merchant to process and ship out your order and the time it takes to reach our warehouse in USA.
    It also does not include any delays caused by shipping courier in transit from USA to Pakistan.
    Neither does it include delays caused during custom clearance process after arrival in Pakistan.
    Customers are required to check the time it will take for their product to reach our warehouse prior to placing an order.
    You can see estimated delivery time to our warehouse in USA by clicking on "View on Amazon" link provided on each product page.