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Great for concentration,peace,study,sleep and anything else.more than happy.a special thanks to shop us for making it easy for us to get things from us while sitting in u shop us.

Hi,my name is hamza.i bought these ear muffs from shop us.they are more than amazing.they block out a lot of noise and very helpful to create a peaceful enviorment for me.when u wear these ear muffs with ear plugs then u are simply deff because u cannot hear a is so helpful to concentrate.very very minor sounds can be heard but can be compromise on it.

Hi,my name is hamza.i bought these ear plugs from shop us.these ear plugs are simply amazing.they block out all sounds.while wearing them,it is very difficult to hear anything.also the service was very ear plugs to buy.

Just recieved the non prime product under 15 days

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