Are the items listed on your website in stock in Pakistan?
No, all products displayed on our website are Amazon USA products. We use Amazon's Product Advertising API to display Amazon's product on our website.

Can you import products from any other website apart from
Yes, we can import products from any USA based online website or business. If the product you require is not visible on our website, you may place the quotation request for it here.

How do I place order for a product
Please see How It Works instructions


Are the prices listed with each product inclusive of all costs and charges to my doorstep in Paksitan?
No, price listed with each product is only the item cost. Total cost till your doorstep including shipping cost, customs and clearance charges will be visible in your cart page when you add your desired products to cart.

Delivery Times

What are your delivery times?
Our delivery times are 10-20 working days. However this time does not include the time it takes for the merchant to ship the product and the time in between it takes for the product to reach our warehouse in USA. This is because sometimes the products ordered by our customers are shipped to our warehouse from outside USA. This can take over a month to reach our warehouse in USA. Therefore it is very important that you check the delivery time to USA of the product you require.

What are  products?
Prime products are products which are delivered in USA within 2-3 days. Therefore their total delivery time to Pakistan is 8-15 working days.

Payments and Payment Security

Do you accept Cash on Delivery?
No, we only accept 100% advance payment.

What are the payment methods you offer?
We offer payment via Online Bank Transfer, Credit / Debit Card, and Easypaisa. We also accept payment in cash at our office in Islamabad.

Do I have to pay 100% in advance before my order is processed.
Yes, you are required to pay 100% advance payment before we can process your order. However if the total cost of your order is greater than Rs.100,000/- exception can be made.

Deleting Account

How can I delete my account?
In order to delete your account go to your account page. In the bottom right corner click on the Delete button. Read the warning and if you wish to continue with deletion of your account click on 'yes'.