Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Adhesive Hydrocolloid Gel Bandages for Wound Care & Blister Relief, All Purpose Waterproof & Shower Proof Blister Pad, Sterile & Long-Lasting, Extra Large, 3 ct
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Brand Band Aid Material Gel Size 3 Count (Pack Of 1)

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  • 3-count pack of durable Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal extra-large durable gel hydrocolloid adhesive bandages to provide all-purpose protection in semi-translucent bandage material that blends with your skin
  • These waterproof blister pads are designed for long term wear, and shows you that the healing process has started. This bandage helps prevent formation of scabs which prolongs healing
  • Multi-purpose bandage is suitable for many wound types and can be used anywhere on the body including the hands, chest, legs and feet that stays on for up to 7 days even through hand washing and showers
  • This sterile bandage provides the optimal wound healing environment, and is designed to provide cushioning against painful blisters or wounds and shields from further rubbing to prevent re-injury
  • The advanced first-aid bandage prevents wound and blisters from drying out and locks body's natural healing power in with its dual action seal, sealing out dirt, germs, and water