Watercolor Paper 140 lb. Rough 12 Sheet Pad 9x12"
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Brand Arches Material Paper Paper Finish Watercolor Paint Type Watercolor Paper Sheet Count 12

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  • The cold press finish has a light texture and is the most common. It reflects light well, retaining the transparent quality of watercolours. A light grain makes it easier to achieve certain details.
  • All Arches papers are cylinder mould made as they have been for over a century. With long fibers, this thick, stable sheet is beautiful, durable, and resillient. Each sheet of Arches Watercolour paper is tub-sized in a bath of pure natural gelatin and then air dried to add additional strength and durability.
  • No more hassle of trying to achieve the perfect angle while out in the field! With Upsyde's Angle Lifts it allows you to create an angle that makes it easier to view or work on. Upsyde is a modern invention that is easily adjustable to give you the perfect angle and both easy to store and carry wherever you need.
  • Each Upsyde is 2.5" wide with a maximum height of 2-1/4". They can either be used individually or combined in a stack to lift up 1" more at a time achieving a greater angle to work with. The center employs a special angled grip on the inner sphere. The combination of this grip and using a material with some "give" allows Upsyde to slidly hold almost any flat item in place for short or long durations of time.
  • Bundle comes with 1 arches watercolor block and a 4-pack of upsyde angle lifts.