AAUXX iRing with Mount Hook Set Cell Phone Grip and Finger Holder for car and Office. Ring Stand Accessory for iPhone, Samsung, Other Android Smartphones and Tablets
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US designed product with guaranteed quality to last longer than any other ring holders. All iRing passed internal swivel test over 100,000 times with 6 months guarantee. The patented friction hinge structure only by iRing keeps its tension without letting itself loose. iRing Hook is an iRing exclusive cradle which you can combine with iRing, simply attach to anywhere, and install smartphone on it. Easily attach the Hook anywhere. Attach on the car's dashboard or center panel and use as a navigation. FREE AE(Adhesion Enhanced) film for safer grip! Use the included AE film to achieve better adhesion It helps you to place the iRing on a cell phone with the glass back or silicone cases. You can naturally tap the place which is the most difficult to reach only with your thumb. 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of flip creates better angles for you to watch the screen. If you use a iRing and a iRing Hook together, it's much more convenient. Reusable adhesive pad! You can restore the adhesiveness by washing iRing adhesive pad with tab water. Clean off the dust and it will be as good as new.